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The past month in the States flew by and once again we find ourselves in Latin America, only this time its a vacation!  We have been planning this ‘Big Trip’ for the past two years and its almost hard to believe that the time has come to begin.  Originally we had planned to leave from Honduras and travel by bus through Nicaragua and down to Panama.  From Panama we would sail through the Carribbean to Colombia and visit Cartagena and Medellin before continuing on through Ecuador and Peru. 

The plan had to be changed a bit due to our early departure from Honduras.  So instead of flying back to Nicaragua we decided to skip it and fly to Panama.  Once we had booked our flights we were finally able to get in touch with a boat captain only to find out that moving up our trip by a few months meant the conditions were not good to sail.  Major bummer!  After a little more investigating we also found out that a one way plane ticket from Panama to Colombia was even more than the boat trip (and didn’t include four nights of accommodations like the boat). 

Big Trip speed bump #1!  After thinking on it for a bit we decided to change our flight and go straight to Colombia.  I won’t even go into the details and frustration of changing the tickets.  Let’s just say that after this trip we will never fly Spirit Airlines again!  Customer service is non-existent and the change fees were almost more than the tickets themselves!  But on the positive side, kudos to JetBlue for a much more pleasant experience.

So the plan now is Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru for two months then flying back to the States via Arizona and Colorado to visit family and friends before returning to NC in mid-May.  We have a lot planned and should have internet everywhere we go so expect some blog posts along the way!  We are travelling with our new tablet computer so its a bit of a learning curve but hopefully we’ll figure out how to upload photos!

That’s all for now, hasta la proxima!


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