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Two posts in one week, can you believe it?  We are back in Valle de Angeles for church this morning and now a bit of internet.  We had some pictures to post but turns out our external hard drive is not compatible with these machines.  Wow.  Surprisingly we are using Windows 7 and fast internet – next time we will bring a jump drive and see if that works. 

As the title suggests we received our mosquiteros (nets) and malaria pills this week.  Side effects of the pills include vivid dreams and upset stomachs.  So far we have only experienced the less awesome of the two.  But don´t worry, we are fine!

Yesterday we went hiking with our host dad, brother, and another PCT couple.  Turns out our house backs up to La Tigra national park.  There were beautiful views of the valleys and the mountains in the distance.  We are reminded daily of NC because the mountains here are more hill like and covered in pine trees.  We took some photos of the hike and our house that hopefully we can post next time.

Church this morning was pretty interesting.  Our family is Evangelical and quite religious.  They mostly only listen to Christian music and don´t dance in public.  We were able to understand the majority of the first portion which was similar to bible study.  There were only 15 or so people there and the pastor called out each of us at some point.  Luckily the second time Kristi was able to chime in (hint: the answer was the Golden Gate bridge).  We found the pastor´s discussion on the Apocalypse quite interesting as he referenced several modern examples including the movie The Day After Tomorrow and a show from the Discovery Channel.  Singing and another sermon followed for a total of 2.5 hours.  I think our family was really glad we came with them.  For a fundraiser the youth group made a traditional Honduran soup (Mondongo, sp?) which our family bought for lunch.  We have yet to try it but as much as we can understand it contains many vegetables and may or may not include tripa.  Use your pronunciation skills to translate that to English.  Needless to say we are a bit worried.  Our family ensures us that it is “muy rico”.  We´ll let you know in our next post!

Finally, an update on the creepie crawlies.  Things had been going so well until last night.  I (K) came into the room in the evening to get ready for bed and spotted a roach on the wall…ok, we can try to deal with this.  Then in the bathroom a spider.  The spider was not so big but it was one of those with the egg sack!  I can´t deal with that.  So David finally got to pull out his impressive knife and the crawlies were promptly bissected and flushed.  Phew.  Then this morning David spotted a tick on his leg…upon closer examination 3 additional ticks were found (from our hike yesterday – we will be more careful now).  We played monkey for a few minutes and combed through each others hair, and came up empty thank goodness.

It is really great to read through your comments and know that you are following along with us on this crazy ride!  Thank you!  This week we will begin our formal language classes and get to know more about our future projects.  We will update as soon as we can!


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¡Hola de Honduras!

Hola a todos! We made it!  You already read about our RDU debacle and arriving in Miami.  We posted the blog at about 11:45 from our king size bed in the hotel.  Our room was nice – too bad we only had about  4 hours to enjoy it!  We had our second 4:30am wake up call in two days and headed to the Miami airport for our flight to Tegucigalpa. Everyone in the airport spoke Spanish so it was almost like practice for what was to come.  Our flight was pretty uneventful and we arrived in Tegus around 11:00am and took about 2 hours to get everyone through customs and immigration.  We met up with all the PC staff and (thankfully) they took our big heavy bags and hauled them away in sweet Land Cruisers to deliver them to our host families in a town about 45 minutes outside of the capital.  Kristi was relieved she didn´t have to keep lugging around all that weight (about 100lbs in total)!!

After a short session about living with host families and some other nuts and bolts it was time to go to our houses!  Seems like we really lucked out with our family.  We have a mom, dad, grandma, brother (18), and sister (12).  They are extremely nice and very accommodating to us.  Their house is a lot nicer than we expected – it is a two-story masonry house with a tile roof and ceramic tile floors.  The style reminded us of our Arizona trip this past summer.  They have all of the modern conveniences as well as some furry friends, 3 dogs, one cat, and a parrot.  The dogs stay on the balcony and protect the fort, so far we have only met Sasha the cocker spaniel puppy.  The parrot is hilarious; his favorite phrase is “Quiero una lora, ahora!” which means “I want a girl parrot, now!”  Guess he is pretty lonely in his cage outside.  Whenever he says this we laugh and laugh….and then he laughs and laughs!  It´s quite amusing.  Our host mom loves to watch us crack up over the bird.

Our room is separate from the main house, it´s pretty much like a basement room with an outside entrance.  We are pretty spoiled because we even have a full bathroom in our room (with a flush toilet)!  Before you think we are really on vacation instead of PC, it is still a humble room (with cold water).  It is on the small side and our luggage dominates most of the floor space, but we are very happy with our family and the digs.  No major creepie crawlies have been spotted, luckily.  We were so tired we crashed out pretty soon after dinner and it felt so good to sleep for more than 4 hours! 

There are several other volunteers who live within a stones throw of our house and in the mornings we will walk to the bus stop together.  Training is kind of like elementary school – our mom makes us breakfast and packs us a lunch and then we all ride a big yellow school bus to the training center.  The coffee has been excellent so far and so has the food.  Even Kristi is enjoying a cafecito (little coffee) in the mornings.  So far the food has been a mixture of beans (sort of refried), homemade corn tortillas, eggs, tomatoes, and today for lunch we had a fried chicken filet with rice which was delish.

We didn´t expect to get to the internet so soon but our host brother was heading to the next town over, Valle de Angeles (about 5 minutes in the car), and we decided to come along.  We expect to get cell phones towards the end of next week so start stocking up on your calling cards!

Ok, this got long but we wanted to let all our faithful blog readers know we are here and safe, and happy!  We´re not going to lie…last night when we were laying in bed we turned to each other and said “What are we doing?!”  But we are very well taken care of and looking forward to our time here in Honduras! 

PS. This is a shout out to Evan´s dad who reads our blog!  Evan is in our training class and told us yesterday “Hey, my dad knows you guys!”  Thanks for following us!  We are trying to convince Evan to blog, stay tuned.

PPS. (Or is it PSS?)  This turns out to be a fast internet connection so we will try to come back perhaps this weekend and post some pictures!

Nos vemos! (We´ll see you)

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Staging in Miami

Well we made it to Miami for staging…eventually.

Our day started before dawn as we made our way to RDU at 5:30. Our original flight was set to take off at 6:50am but after sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours we realized we might be in for a long day! At 8:30 (after many false promises) the crew finally called it quits and said the plane was going out of service and made everyone get off. With little details we began calling the airline number to rebook and realized our only option was leaving at 1:35pm. We didn’t know what else to do and didn’t trust the mechanics to fix the original plane in a timely manner so we booked the later flight. Next we had to go to baggage claim and pick up our bags (sooo heavy!), re-check them at the counter, get new boarding passes, and go through security again. By this time we were pros and had all of our hazardous materials neatly separated into plastic bins.

The 1:35 flight managed to take off and get us to Miami ahead of schedule! By this time we had already missed the first 5 hours of our staging event – whoops! It was a little stressful and annoying at times but we looked at it as our first test of the famous “peace corps patience”.

To top it off when we finally got here and sat through the end of staging, we had to stay after and register, and then find David an H1N1 shot at a nearby pharmacy. It made for a long day (with many more to come, no doubt) but we made it here safely and we’re excited to get on to Honduras tomorrow!

We’ve met some really nice people so far and look forward to getting to know them better. Thank you all for the sweet comments on the last post. David is being strong but I got all weepy when I read them! As we said, don’t freak out if you don’t see any posts for a week or so, we will be back!!!

In closing, here is how you pack for two years…

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Last Night at Home

Hi all – Just a quick note to say ‘so long’!   We’ll be reporting to the airport first thing in the morning to head to Miami for a night and then on to Honduras Wednesday.  We spent our last evening in NC having a big family dinner.  It was great to sit around and laugh but the thought of saying goodbye was looming.  It has been really tough and there have been some tears (with more to come in the morning) but we are excited to finally start our PC experience.

We may be able to post in Miami if the hotel has internet but we have already been told there won’t be internet in our first site in Honduras.  So don’t freak out if you don’t hear anything for the first couple weeks!  But we would love to hear from you!  So please e-mail us and you can even send us a letter!  Here is the address you can reach us at during training:

PCT David Lee or Kristi Krohn

Cuerpo de Paz

Apartado Postal 3158

Tegucigalpa, D.C 1110

Honduras, America Central

Please don’t send us any boxes – they will be costly to send and we will even have to pay to receive them.  PC recommends using the padded mailers instead and use USPS to mail.  Judging by the size (and weight) of our bags I think we have packed everything we need and more – so a simple letter would be great!

We have received so many messages of support in the past few months – thank you!  Our blog may be a little inactive for a few weeks while we are getting adjusted but don’t worry, we’ll be writing posts to update as soon as we find reliable internet service, so don’t give up on us!

See you on the flip side 🙂

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Bon Voyage Party

Last weekend we were treated to a Cajun dinner and dancing party in honor of Mardi Gras, a great Saints win, and our pending departure.  There was tons of food – red beans and rice, shrimp creole, chicken gumbo, jambalaya, and of course a king cake.   Everyone was decked out in purple, green, and gold, tons of beads, and even some masks.  A close family friend, Patsy, was the official party photographer…here are some of the pics!


Way to go Saints!


David, Kristi, T, Ashlea


Photo shoot in the front room!


Future Christmas card photo shoot, cont’d.


Angela, Brandon, David, Kristi, Clare, Paul 


David, Bradan, Kristi


Thanks to the party hosts Jim & Edla! 

DSC_1372 Every good party ends with dancing!


Thanks to our families & friends and everyone who came out to wish us well! 

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Currently, Kristi is meticulously packing away our things into clearly labeled boxes for storage at my parents house.  Thanks to Mom and Dad Lee for the “storage unit” a.k.a. my little brother, Sam’s, old bedroom above the garage.  I can’t be trusted with packing so I’m the gopher; whenever she needs a new box, newspaper for padding, or the Sharpie… I’m all over it.  I will be called upon when it’s time for the transport stage of the move.

Kristi’s handy work!  I love you!

Anyways… back to the original purpose of this post, our weekend trip to Charleston, SC to chill with Chandler, his brothers Bynum and Barrett, and Barrett’s wife, Jess (our awesome biking tour guide).  Chandler finished moving to Charleston the day before we arrived but was still gracious enough to let the old married couple have his room for the weekend while he rode the couch.  This was our 2nd trip to Charleston together.  The first time we did the touristy stuff like Fort Sumter, the Aquarium, and the lamest ghost tour in history.  This time we let the locals show us around…

Friday night we hit up the Music Farm, a local concert venue located in an old train station… very cool.  The occasion was a Yonder Mountain String Band show.  We all assumed that there would be an opener, there wasn’t, and we missed the entire 1st set.  No worries though, the second set was rowdy and I don’t know if I could’ve handled two sets… the venue was paaacked way beyond capacity.  Here is a picture provided by Chandler himself:


Yonder Mountain at the Music Farm

If you ever visit Charleston, skip the carriage tour and get on a bike and ride.  This is what we did Saturday and was by far the best way to see everything.  We were lucky to have Barrett’s wife, Jess, to take us around the city.  A seafood stop was first on the agenda.  After Chandler’s typical interrogation of the waitress, we order some great seafood and some spicy Bloody Mary’s. I had crab cakes on grits with poached eggs and a hollandaise sauce… whoa.

Kristi, Chandler, me after lunch

After finding a bike shop to get a tube for Chandler’s tire, which he somehow flattened almost immediately after beginning our excursion, we rode down to the battery to see how the “other half” live.  Other stops included the original Charleston jail which is being renovated (currently very creepy, see below) and the Citadel.  The Citadel reminded me very much of Virginia Tech with its central drill field and architecture.  After about four hours on bikes (with clouds looming) we made it back to Chandler and Bynum’s house just as rain was beginning to fall, whew!

Big houses near the Battery


Old Charleston Jail

Paddy wagon, me, Chandler, and Jess




Barracks courtyard at the Citadel

The rain kept us in most of Saturday night which was OK with us because we were whipped from the tour of almost all of Charleston.  Thanks to Chandler and Bynum for letting us crash at your place!  Thanks to Jess for the bike tour!  Can’t wait to visit again when we get back!

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