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Just this past weekend, Kristi and I drove to Blacksburg, VA to visit a bunch of my college friends and eat at a few of Kris and my favorite Bburg restaurants.  On arrival we stopped in at Cabo’s for some fish tacos, a favorite meal of ours when she used to drive up to visit me from Chapel Hill while we were still in grad school.  After meeting up with Dan and Allison we went to another college haunt, The River Mill Map Co.  Kristi discovered a previously unknown talent for darts while I was reminded of the sometimes difficult task of getting a drink at a college bar on a Friday night.

The next day the 4 of us went to the VT vs. Boston College basketball game (Thanks to Al for scoring a couple extra tix).  After a halftime contest where some lucky kid hit a half court shot for $10,000, the Hokies held on for a one point win.  The highlight of the game took place in the stands where Kris and I got a picture with Frank Beamer, VT’s head football coach.

Hard to believe that may be our last time watching Hokie sports for quite a while!  Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better a dinner/boardgame/upstairs jam session/dance party ensued until early in the morning.  Thanks to Dallison for the place to sleep (and the coffee tables to dance on)!

The weekend ended with Kimmie’s (Kristi’s sister) 18th birthday dinner and some bowling.  It was another fantastic weekend doing fun things with people we love – we are that much more grateful for these times as we rapidly approach our departure for Honduras(3.5 weeks and counting down)!


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Kris and I have been doing a little traveling the last couple weekends to visit some friends.  The weekend before last we left Honey with my folks and drove west on I-40 towards Asheville, NC.  Technically we only drove through Asheville to our final destination, Hot Springs, NC.  There we met up with my friend from high school Russ and his wife, CaroMia.  It was our first time meeting CaroMia and we all had a great time hanging out.  The weekend consisted of music, wine, beers, Russ’s homemade vegetarian food, midnight goat feedings, motion sickness (for Kristi), stand-up comedy on the iPod, the Iron Horse, and hiking.  All good stuff.

Joined by another old friend, Chandler, we hiked at a spot on the Appalachian Trail called Max Patch.  Max Patch is a bald with 360 degree views of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville.  It was a bit of a hazy day but the views were still fantastic.  Snow as deep as a foot, left over from a mini-blizzard a week or so earlier still covered many areas on the hike.  Locals brought their snow riding vehicles (trashcan tops, kayaks, snowboards, etc.) up to the top for some sledding.  (Click on the picture to make it bigger)…

Thanks to RussoMia for a great time!

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Update: On Tuesday we received an e-mail with our staging information!  Forget what we said about D.C., we’re actually headed to Miami!  Cool!  Neither of us has been to Miami before so it will be fun to stop through for a night.  Our departure date was also bumped back a day and we are now departing from Raleigh EARLY on February 23.  We will arrive in Miami mid-morning and spend the afternoon and early evening in Peace Corps sessions, presumably have the rest of the night free to mingle, followed by another EARLY morning on the 24th when we gather up the group and head to Honduras!  It definitely feels real now that we have our plane tickets!  Now there is still the task of packing…(!!!)

Hiking with Honey

Just for fun, here’s a picture of Honey…being cute.

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Welcome to our blog!

Thanks for checking us out!  The purpose of our site is to keep our family and friends up to date on our adventures in Peace Corps Honduras.  We hope our blog will be informative for Peace Corps applicants as well.

Here’s what we know right now: on February 22, 2010 we will depart for our staging event, most likely in Washington, D.C.  Here we will meet up with the rest of our group and spend some time getting to know each other as well as reviewing important safety information, etc.  From there our entire group will fly to Honduras where we will begin training in a small city or town outside of the capital, Tegucigalpa.

For the first three months in country we will live with one or more Honduran host families while we receive technical and language training.  During this time we will be referred to as Peace Corps Trainees (PCTs); we will not become official volunteers (PCVs) until we successfully complete training and are sworn in.  Towards the end of training we will find out the location of our permanent site where we will live and work for the remaining two years of our assignment.

In the coming weeks we will be spending a lot of time with our families, traveling to visit friends, packing up and storing all of our possessions, and trying to fit 27 months of necessities into two suitcases.  We’ll be busy!

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